10 Ways to Achieve Positive Personal Power in the New Year

get confidencePositive Personal Power. What does this mean? It means grabbing hold of your strength of character, (even if you are afraid), and capture the essence of what is right for you. When you’re frustrated or angry, it’s often difficult to know what is right. Life is trial and error and mistakes can become lessons to be learned. We need to galvanize our confidence, and learn ways to live healthfully.

It must start with thinking positively – that innate feeling that things will work out well, no matter what! Every great act or accomplishment in our world pioneered as a thought. The following are some positive thoughts that exist within you. You can echo these phrases daily to help inspire yourself to attain your highest Positive Personal Power. May the New Year bring you an open heart and the excitement of new projects to energize and fulfill you!

  1. I choose to be calm, present and in charge.
  2. I honour my boundaries and will practice saying NO, giving myself permission to seize time for me.
  3. I formulate healthy choices for my food, my activities and fitness.
  4. I love all the pursuits that I am engaged in, even some parts of those interests.
  5. I surround myself with positive people and will not be brought down by those who are negative.
  6. When I feel sad and small, I will honor that feeling but not let it overpower me.
  7. I can create the power, confidence and strength to complete my goals.
  8. I have faith that I can trigger a positive difference in this world.
  9. I am grateful for all that I have and for the people in my life.
  10. I will embrace love into my heart and send it out in small ways through positive deeds and messages.

When we live in the moment with positivity, that is what we will attract.