5 Steps to Instant Stress-Relief

Rosale2Is it possible to achieve natural stress and anxiety relief along with an improved mind and body connection? Yes, it’s possible! Stress in itself is normal, a part of everyday life. However, your experience of stress may cause you to suffer headaches, neck pains, poor digestion or anxiety, high blood pressure and other ills. I commiserate with you. From my own experience, I know you can knock stress to its knees. You can banish fatigue, moodiness and your inability to lose weight. Your sexy feelings and enjoyment of life will percolate!

The following are a few recap points from my stress-relief book, Frazzled Hurried Woman! When practiced regularly, you will retrieve your balance, increase energy and restore vitality. In today’s ‘plugged-in’, fast-paced world, we need strategies to remain calm and in-charge.


1. Assess your commitments. Review your responsibilities to protect yourself against being overburdened and overstressed. Pare down commitments and/or enlist help. Do not think you can do it all yourself.

2 Notice if your glass is half empty or half full. Shake off the victim role. Live in an atmosphere of gratefulness. Catch yourself when your mind is rumbling with negatives. Positive self-talk bolsters your self-esteem and confidence.

3. Discover the art of relaxation. Give yourself permission to practice deep breathing techniques – even focusing on simply breathing in and out will work. Listen to music that you love. Get a massage or soak in a tub. Slow down and be more mindful of all your actions, especially when driving.

4. Take 15 minutes a day to walk or renew your fitness goals and follow through! Reward your body with sleep – a priority for sparkling health. Rest when you’re tired and dump any guilty feelings that surface.

5. Uncover superior nutrition to revive strength and well-being. Start by raising the antioxidant levels in your body by adding two more vegetables to your diet each day. Rejuvenate with two or three servings of fruit a day. Snack on a handful of nuts for superb heart and brain health.  Your body will thank you.


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