Are You the Frazzled, Hurried Business Woman?

Are You the Frazzled, Hurried Business Woman?

Take the test and find out!

multi tasking not goodFaster than a run in her panty hose! More powerful than a chocolate craving.  Able to eat through lunch at a single gulp. Look through the office. She’s hurried; she’s fried It’s the Frazzled Hurried Business Woman!

Are you working non-stop? The results of burning the candle at both ends can be disastrous to your health, your relationships and even to your work. Take this quiz to find out if you’re the Frazzled Hurried Business Woman. Keep track of the yeses, then read on to find ways to cool your jets!

  1. You have so much to do that work is constantly whirling in your mind.
  2. At night, you try to go to sleep but find yourself reorganizing files in your mind.
  3. Your heart pounds, and most days you rush through lunch (or forget to eat).
  4. Your significant other or other close family member is often angry, upset or seems distant.
  5. You can hardly concentrate on what people are saying to you at work or in other settings because your mind is constantly on work.
  6. You have no time to exercise.
  7. You feel driven but not very happy.


* 1- 2 – You’re just a little overworked right now.  The right steps will help you keep it in check.

* 3 – 5 – You’re having trouble coping and may be heading for illness if you don’t take stock.

* 6- 7 –  You’ve become The Frazzled Hurried Business Woman and need to find ways to reduce your  stress levels before you’re body or mind goes on strike or opts out!

So what’s wrong with being work focused? That’s what will give you the raise, the promotion, more clients or puts you in favor with the boss or others. There’s got to be a better way, a calmer way to work; to better approach problems, to be confident, organized and truly excited by a day’s work.

Choose to Be Calm and Focused

It starts with a decision to be calm and focused as a key to your success.  It’s knowing that a person can truly only do one thing at a time and multi-tasking will not add speed but keep your focus divided and weak. Right now take a deep breath through your nose and breathe out slowly. Repeat three times. For a moment, visualize yourself as a calm, happy person doing your work in a relaxed fashion, without fear, feeling a distinct sense of worth.

List Your Tasks

On a piece of paper make a list of all the tasks you’re working on right now.  Take each task and give it its own piece of paper with a title. Note the deadlines (intermediate ones and final). Now for the priority task, write down the steps that you need to take to complete it. If you don’t know what is the priority task, get clarification. Get out your calendar. In the week’s spaces allot the numbers of working hours in blocks – two or three hours when you can spend time on this project; to get more information, time to write, time to read or research, time to have meetings with others. Know that you can be flexible and change your schedule if you must.

Ways to Energize

Instead of working on one task all day, changing tasks in the day can be energizing and it can help you feel you’re getting your work done. Another deep breath in and out would be another good mini mental break before starting on the second task. To further energize, block out 15 minutes a day for a brisk walk, even if it’s in the hallways or around the block. This short break will allow oxygen to circulate to your brain and help reduce stress. You have a purpose; you feel useful; you’re in control – positive steps toward a new way to work.

Drop the Junk Food

Non-foods such as aspartame, chemicals in food, excessive sugar, desserts, junk food do not add much to your nutritional status (except calories). They also fill you up and leave little room for more antioxidant champs such as fruits and vegetables. You’ll see your energy and health prove when you rid your body of non-foods.

These assessments and actions can be positive steps ward dropping the frazzled style. You’ll feel more in control and enjoy life more. Try it!

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