Beyond Retirement…10 Top Tips For Pathways to Well-Being

For some, the thought of retirement is a dream-come-true. For others it’s a dreaded prospect. The following are some tips that help with not only preparation for retirement but also with strategies to achieve healthy attitude and lifestyle choices.

  1. First, think about your dreams and your passions. Do those things still matter to you? When you think about them, do they spark excitement?  Maybe now is the time to pursue those interests; take up piano, dancing, cooking, or start that business that keeps coming to your consciousness.
  2. Do you need to work after “retirement” to provide immediate financial support or to build a nest egg? Are you confident with your financial security to do the important things you want to do or to leave a financial legacy? Get investment counseling to help you in this crucial part of retirement.
  3. Making a ‘to do’ list is important. However, if you do not allocate time to do it, it will never happen! Schedule time for your new challenges. Remember, one cannot travel indefinitely, play golf seven days a week or play cards every day. A variety of interests and challenges are key to keep you motivated and sharp.
  4. A healthy lifestyle will ensure a happy retirement. It’s important to stay active, for both mind and body. Include some form of exercise and outdoor activity each day. Find ways to upgrade meals and snacks to nourish you. Aim for 7 – 8 hours of sleep each night.
  5. Realize you can make new friends at any age. Don’t spend your retirement in isolation (or sitting at a computer). Connecting with others is important. Even socializing with long time friends is beneficial. People need people.
  6. Make peace with missed opportunities. Decide whether they are still worth pursuing or they are better left behind you. If you still feel you can take on the challenge – go for it!
  7. Still harbouring old hurts and resentments? You may be harming yourself the most. Either make peace with the person or situation or just let it go.
  8. Think positively about your abilities, qualities and talents. Persevere. Is there a way to transpose them to a new form or continue to learn and grow?
  9. Will you continue to work – part time, and/or give back to your community in some way that you feel you can be of service? Consider it. It’s important to feel useful and connected.
  10. As you journey into retirement life, explore ways to create fulfillment. Engaging in pleasurable activities is wonderful, but you will also want to find activities that are challenging, as well as meaningful.

Here’s to a healthy, fulfilled retirement. It’s your life; make it wonderful.