Associations - Custom Programs for Nutrtion and Stress ReliefCustomized Programs for Associations

Associations have particular requirements for programs – to satisfy their members and to give them meaningful content. If you are thinking of helping your members cope with the stressors of their jobs and to give them some healthy lifestyle choices that they can put into their day-to-day lives to boost morale and gain vitality, Rosalie can help you make that happen.

Through interviewing key members and researching information about the particular association and industry attached to it, Rosalie,  not only develops an understanding of their difficulties, but also comes up with solutions to help.

For an association of operating nurses suffering with multiple stressors in their jobs, ranging from communication problems with the doctors to not having enough uniforms, Rosalie interviewed many of the nurses personally, even watching them in action during an operation, being given a ‘bird’s eye view to view problems first hand. Rosalie was able to recommend ways for the nurses to regain their energy, to cope with their constant stress and to communicate more effectively with the doctors and each other. Not every problem has a complete solution, and so Rosalie helped the nurses to know when it’s time to let the little things go.

For a Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association, Rosalie discovered that their main stressor was being away from home so often. Rosalie provided them with suggestions and ideas that helped both the workers and their families to bridge the loneliness and reduce their stress.

Types of Programs Available

  • Lifestyle, stress relief or nutrition programs for association meetings, or conferences.
  • Rosalie delivers in-person programs for association meetings or conferences, tele-seminars or webinars.
  • Presentations for spouses are also available.

Length of Programs: one hour (or longer), half-day, keynote plus a break-out session/seminar.

No Matter What Type of Association, Rosalie is up for the task!

Whether it’s for nurses, teachers, a pharmaceutical logistics association, road builders and heavy construction workers, education safety, human resources,  mechanical contractors, expediting management, school business officials or a baking association, or any other association, Rosalie investigates and delivers a unique, customized, lifestyle program to suit the needs of your members.

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