Customized Stress Relief & Nutrition Programs for CorporationsCustomized Programs for Corporations

Some of the programs that Rosalie has customized for corporations include:

Wellness on the Road for those employees who have to travel in their jobs. They learn stress relief strategies, how to keep focused yet relaxed during travel. Many travel tips such as foods to eat, how to prepare for travel and what to take on trips are included in their learning guide booklets. The goal is to help employees arrive rested, well fed, with positive energy, and no jet lag or highway fatigue! Rosalie also includes some time management tips and other stress-relief ideas. This is also effective as part of a series of programs.

Relaxation Techniques for office staff who were under a great deal of stress due to constant deadlines. Many of the staff were already on sick leave due to stress. Rosalie taught them a variety of techniques to relax: deep breathing, body exercises, visualization, even how to rush without getting stressed. Participants look better and feel better after learning simple techniques that they can include in their everyday life. This also can be part of a series of programs.

Health In Harmony helps participants discover ways to achieve health in harmony in all parts of their lives. This seminar combines information on stress relief, positive attitudes, nutrition and fitness to suit the needs of your group. Clients request targeted segments to address issues that are particularly pressing for them, also choosing either one half or two half day seminars that are particularly pressing, depending on the extent of their needs. For example, to help one group that was experiencing a lack of clear communication, Rosalie conducted a short segment piece about listening skills (the basis for communication). This exercise taught participants about their own listening styles and what areas they needed to improve. She presented information about aggressive, assertive and passive styles of communicating, enabling the participants to understand and take control of their own communication. This type of program will determine which areas of participants’ lives are already balanced and which areas they can positively affect. Each person establishes a personal action plan for success!

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