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Rosalie delivers keynotes, seminars or closings for education conferences.

Often educators need a boost in morale. something to leave them with the ability to remain calm and carry on! Countering the ever-present changes in education and clientele, the ever increasing work expected of them, Rosalie’s fun style in delivering stress-relief, targeted messages to teachers or principals helps them relax and to find that light at the end of the tunnel.

Rosalie has given half day and full day seminars on various aspects of well-being and health related topics for educators. Some titles include: All About You!, From Frazzled to Fantastic, Super Nutrition for Healthy Living, Seeking Your Healthy Balance, And Finding it.

For elementary and middle school students, Rosalie has delivered Healthy Eating for Growing Up Strong, a program we need for our children now more than ever.

For parents, she delivers a Super Nutrition for Healthy Eating keynote address, often for nutrition fairs. These talks are based upon the new Ontario Ministry of Education’s Guidelines for food in the schools. A healthier fare is now expected of schools and principals have asked Rosalie to explain these guidelines. Rosalie goes one step further in her presentation, giving the schools a clear look at fast food and how poorly it compares to the healthy food that growing children require. Parents and students learn how dramatically both learning and behavior are affected by poor diet.

Any one of the nutrition programs, especially Power Foods for Better Moods could be a valuable program for high school and university students.

For younger students, Rosalie includes her puppet, Herman the Frog who has a terrible tummy ache because he ate too many desserts. New original songs by Rosalie for this presentation include, “Veggie Power” and “Junk Food Blues”. One school had the students learn and sing the songs for their parents presentation.

For Day Care Providers Rosalie has presented:

Sparking Creativity Through Music and the Arts – a program that instructs teachers how to use music for learning and fun for these young children. Rosalie has delivered this seminar to faculties of education at York University and Western University.

For Music Teachers Rosalie has presented:

Striking Your Harmonic Balance to help teachers cope with the stressors of deadlines as well as the many other stressors they face, enabling them to continue realizing the joys of music and how much it brings to their lives and those of their students.

(Formerly, for 20 years, Rosalie was a singer/songwriter for children, having recorded 5 children’s albums and was nominated for two Juno awards for Best Children’s Album and published a music and activity book entitled I love to Sing With Jim & Rosalie.)

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