Can Relationships Remain Solid with Working Moms and Stay-At-Home Dads

According to a recent study  led by Lianna Sayer of Ohio State University about employment and divorce, a husband’s employment staus threatens marriage, but a wife’s does not. While social pressure discouraging women from working outside the home has weakened,  pressure on husbands to be breadwinners has not. Working women it seems isn’t a cause for husbands to leave the marriage. For a man, not being employed not only increases the chances that his wife will initiate divorce, but also that he will be the one who opts to leave. Even men who are relatively happy in their marriages are more likely to leave if they are not employed, the research found. According to Chicago Journals, this study is to be published in the American Journal of Sociology.

What do you think? Are house -husbands increasing?

Do you think marriages can remain solid with stay-at-home dads  and working mothers?