February is Heart Month! Three Ways to Love Your Heart

In 1938, at the age of 28, my father Sam somehow contracted pericarditis – inflammation and swelling of the sac lining the heart. It can be a fatal condition, not allowing the heart to beat properly and is caused likely by a viral infection or fungus. Sam’s family arranged for emergency surgery at the Cleveland … Read more

Stress Relief and Nutritional Tips to Benefit Your Heart

It’s Heart Month. Time to love your heart and keep it healthy the whole year through! For both men and women, cardiovascular disease continues to be the leading cause of death in North America; it’s time to knock it down to size (0)!  The following tips can not only benefit your heart but also can … Read more

It’s Heart Month…B Vitamins to the Rescue!

Get a Homocysteine Test! Dr. Kilmer McCully was a highly regarded physician at Harvard and the Massachusetts General Hospital until his controversial theories on heart disease cost him his research funding and his job. But his theories are now widely accepted by the medical and scientific community. Dr. McCully proposed the homocysteine theory of cardiovascular … Read more