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Out with the Old, In with the New – Time to Get Organized for an Enriched New Year!

messy-desk1Taking time during the holiday season to get organized can be daunting, and I commiserate with those who dread the very thought of it. However, surely you’re not engaged at holiday parties or activities every day or evening over the break!  For many who don’t fly south or head to cottages, the break can be long. What a great time to clean out the storage cupboard or your basement or even a bathroom drawer!

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Organization Strategies for the Junk Collector

Pack Rats Get OrganizedAre you a pack rat? Do you have more than 2 junk drawers? Is your cupboard so jammed with clothing that you now store items under your bed? If you own a jewelry box, is it little more than a tangled web of broken earring, chains and rings that you haven’t worn in years? If so, you may be in need of strategies to get organized!

But it doesn’t stop there. Your kitchen cupboards are

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