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Valentine’s Present to Yourself

love ourselvesNot everyone has a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Even if you do, it can be of great benefit to be self-compassionate as much as you feel compassion for others. Life can be a tough road at times and it’s advantageous to take care of your needs as well as others. If we should love our neighbor as ourselves, then can’t we also love ourselves as our neighbor?

By reinforcing the positives about yourself or

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5 Steps to Reduce Stress with Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an ancient Buddist practice that helps one to live in harmony. The future never really arrives for life is truly a progression of NOW moments. Yesterday is gone; all we have is today. Each moment you have the opportunity to fully engage, to really live.

1)     Right now, notice how you are sitting. Are you slouching; are your shoulders rounded?  Take a gentle breath in; hold for the

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Simple Relaxation Techniques at Your Desk

Did anyone ever tell you to take a deep breath? Count to ten. Calm down.
If you have a pounding heart, sweaty palms, tense stomach, or fast breathing, aching neck, racing mind, it’s time to take a break. They are signals of stress chemicals surging through your body. You can put a stop to them and protect your health. Stress is said to be responsible for 80% of doctors’ visits.

The goal of relaxation is

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8 Ways to Transform from Surviving To Thriving!
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