And the Number One Public Enemy – Stress, Still Remains Standing!

According to the American Psychological Association’s, Stress in America Survey, 2013, high stress does not appear to be going away. It seems that adults are living with stress that is higher than what they believe to be healthy. Women report a higher level of stress than men. Most disturbing is that people are not successful … Read more

Are You Over Stressed At Work?

Take the Workplace Stress Quiz and Find Out! It’s easy to blame stress on work. However, many do nothing to combat the symptoms or the cause of the stress. It’s important to identify the stressful issues that keep you from going forward to enjoy your once sought-after job. Enjoyment of life becomes limited and you … Read more

Are You A Type E? Take The Test

How many of you are over achievers, over nurturers – try to be everything to everybody? Women, are you in this category? Men can be too!

Score one point for each Yes you answer to the questions.

  1. I have to do things perfectly
  2. I should be able to accomplish more in a day and still be able to cope
  3. I have to please others and prove myself to everyone
  4. I can’t relax until I finish my work and my chores
  5. I should be everything to everybody


If you answered four or more of the above questions with a YES, you likely are a Type E Personality. Your health may be at stake. Read on to find ways to energize!

So What Can You Do?

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5 Steps to Instant Stress-Relief

Is it possible to achieve natural stress and anxiety relief along with an improved mind and body connection? Yes, it’s possible! Stress in itself is normal, a part of everyday life. However, your experience of stress may cause you to suffer headaches, neck pains, poor digestion or anxiety, high blood pressure and other ills. I … Read more

How To Rejuvenate, Stay Calm Amidst Chaos and Extreme Stress

Sometime life navigates chaotic, stressful times – like a wild ride on a runaway roller coaster. You become depleted due to relationship issues, or problems that erupt due to your children (no matter how old they are). Perhaps you’re sagging due to a festering illness, either your own or an illness of a close family … Read more

Stress Relief Remedies for Overcommited Women

(If you are a male, you also can benefit from these natural stress, anxiety relief activities). Are you frazzled and overwhelmed and wish to go from fatigue to fantastic? Have you become a walking zombie, burdened by too many responsibilities? Do you feel guilty if you can’t do it all? Or do you feel trapped … Read more

Seniors Walk Off Calories (and Stress) at the Mall

I see so many seniors walking, jogging or even biking in the spring or summer months. However, when the air starts to turn cool signaling the approach of the winter months, people often hibernate like bears! After dinner, many watch TV and get into a slump, thinking – “when’s this winter going to end?” Recently, … Read more

How to Improve Communication Skills at Holiday time or anytime!

Holiday time can be an enormous drain on health and stress levels. Even though you are related, you and your relatives may have different value systems and perspectives. However, practicing communication skills over the holidays can bring family or friends closer together. The following communication tips can help you get through what may seem like … Read more

Are You the Frazzled, Hurried Business Woman?

Are You the Frazzled, Hurried Business Woman? Take the test and find out! Faster than a run in her panty hose! More powerful than a chocolate craving.  Able to eat through lunch at a single gulp. Look through the office. She’s hurried; she’s fried It’s the Frazzled Hurried Business Woman! Are you working non-stop? The … Read more