Combat the Junk Food Blues with Healthy Nutrients

whole foodsYou may not want to hear this, however, while junk foods are fast, convenient, and tasty, they rob you of energy and a healthy mind and body. Each cell in the human body is powered by healthy nutrients; proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthful fats and their vitamins and minerals that are inherent in natural foods.

The body doesn’t know what to do with chemically engineered foods. These ‘frankenfoods’ do not hold the promise of the real thing – nutrition health benefits. These benefits include: healthy skin, nails, teeth, emotional and mental balance, better energy and health and the possibility of less disease.

Within the past 75 years, the denigrated state of our food supply is unprecedented in human history. The majority of foods in the grocery stores are now treated. For the purpose of longer shelf life, oils are often heated to high temperatures that destroy nutrients. White flour crackers with little nutrients have added sugar and salt and are beautifully packaged. Margarines are often pumped with hydrogen, making the product more saturated and less healthy. Chemicals are added to many products to enhance flavoring; coloring is added to make foods look and taste pleasing. We must not forget processed sugar, excess salt, nitrates and pesticides that are added to the chemical mixture. Are these highly processed foods the making of a healthy diet or dietary deficiencies?

Our polluted world has spread to our food supply – our lifeline, and it’s time to wake up and take charge of what goes down the gullet as much as possible.

Too Busy to Shop Wisely or Prepare Food?

  • Keep it simple. Shop for organic produce as much as possible or at least use organic dairy products, since pesticides tend to reside in the fat of an animal.
  • Become a label reader. If there are many items on the package that you cannot understand – don’t buy it! Look for natural products, meats, fish, or even peanut butter without added salt and sugar.
  • Use more fresh or frozen vegetables each day. Use fruit as snacks, 2 – 3 pieces a day.
  • Use brown rice, sweet potatoes, Yukon gold potatoes, whole grain breads and pastas.
  • Make an oil change. Take a cue from those who live long and healthy lives in the Mediterranean. Use olive oil as your chief oil. Add raw almonds, walnuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds for a quick and healthy pick-me-up.
  • Cut out soda pop. Resist store bought baked goods often loaded with sugar and chemicals. Make your own muffins or buy healthier products.
  • Brown-bag-it, instead of eating at fast food outlets. You’ll save the added fat and calories.

Junk food blues? This all too common syndrome doesn’t have to happen to you.. Rather than a pasty, tired, down-in-the-dumps life fueled by fast food or processed food, choose an enriched life with a dietary intake of whole foods. The payback? An energetic, healthier, happier you.