Rosalie Moscoe, RHN, RNCP

Speaker, Consultant, Author

Specializing in Stress Relief and Nutrition


Event this Weekend – Stress Relief and Nutritional Pathways

Frazzled Hurried Women

Sunday, November 24  10:30 am – 11:15 am
Lecture Hall 206 AB

Whole Life Expo (27th anniversary of the show)

Metro Convention Centre, 255 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2W6

From Frazzled to Fantastic – Stress Relief and Nutritional Pathways to Well-being

with Rosalie Moscoe, RHN, RNCP

This is a laugh-provoking but poignant look at life in the fast lane and its serious ramifications. Are you over-committed, overtired, overstressed, or just plain overdoing it? Come and energize with dynamic speaker, stress-relief expert, author, holistic nutritionist and twice Juno nominee, Rosalie Moscoe. Alter your perceptions and response to stress. Discover easy ways to relax and slow down. Face and conquer over-commitment. Energize with superb nutritional advice and say goodbye to burnout! Available afterward for questions at HEALTH IN HARMONY booth 170.

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Frazzled, Hurried Woman

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