Frazzled Hurried Woman! Your Stress Relief Guide to Thriving. . .Not Merely Surviving

Living in the fast lane? This comprehensive stress-relief guide is packed full of solid, easy-to-follow solutions for the overworked modern woman.

From raising children and performing daily household chores, as well as working 40 hours a week, it seems as though women juggle more tasks at a faster pace than ever before. Enter motivational speaker and wellness consultant Rosalie Moscoe to help women alleviate stress in their life with “Frazzled Hurried Woman! Your Stress Relief Guide to Thriving, Not Merely Surviving”.

As an added bonus within this enlightened mix blending of the latest medical findings with the wisdom of the ages, you will discover uncommon nutritional information for improved mental and physical health. Here is your ultimate guide for restoring mind, body and spirit. Become calm, centered and in charge – and start enjoying your life again!

  • Alter your perception and response to stress
  • Discover easy ways to relax
  • Energize with superb nutritional advice
  • Enhance relationships at home and work
  • Face and conquer your over commitment
  • Improve sleep patterns, physical activity
  • Streamline your time and pace of life

Chapters Include:

1) Overcomitment and Stress

This chapter introduces you to the concept of overstress – exhaustion, an inability to cope, due to too many responsibilities, kids, work, poor diet worry, traffic jams, and lack of other healthy lifestyle choices. Six Steps to Combat Over commitment are outlined: 1) Outline your priorities; 2. Ask for help!, 3, Dissect one of your most stressful commitments, i.e. Eldercare, 4) Turn your over nurturer button to ‘off’ mode, 5. Practice saying NO. 6. Practice saying YES to your own needs. SLOW DOWN.

2) Stress– It’s All in Your Head

This chapter examines your Perception of events – how we sometimes worry about issues that may not be true or of major consequences; the Mind & Body Connection – the connection to our emotions and physical health, How carrying anger can contribute to stress. How to think positively – notice negativity, challenge your negative self-talk, the tune your internal radio to a positive station with positive messages! You will strengthen your self-confidence your mood and immunity.

3) Your Glass: Half Empty or Half Full?

This chapter focuses on your attitude and how it affects stress levels, along with excessive worry. How to get out of the habit of living in fear. Realization that feelings can change, How taking action can relieve stressors, The positives of tough times – challenges in your life; being grateful for all the good things in your life.

4) Relax, Relax, Tips to Keep You Cool

Chapter 4 is important to recognize your heightened level of stress- Type A behavior, Type E behavior – those who have heightened stress responses a great deal of the time and they think this is normal. Top five biological reactions to stress are outlined, adrenal fatigue how they can flatten you and harm health. Ways to deep breathe are outlined – belly breathing, the ten second break, and a myriad of other techniques to let you know exactly how you can activate natural healing powers and allow yourself time to relax. These tips and strategies can literally save your life by stopping the stress response in its tracks!

5) The Elusive Healthy Balance

This chapter emphasizes how to recognize the many areas on your Wellness Wheel and pinpoint the ones you feel cause you the greatest amount of stress or to assess the areas you wish to weork on: emotional, physical, social/relationships, environmental, vocational, spiritual, financial, or intellectual. Tips for strengthening your various areas of the Well Wheel are outlined. You’ll learn how to consider self-love as compassion for yourself, along with taking two or three immediate action steps to get your started on any desired improvements to your Personal Wellness Wheel.

6) The Health Trio to Buffer Stress

This chapter outlines a Journey toward Loving, Self-Care. The health trio explores the benefits of exercise, how to get starts, tips for staying on track. The importance of sleep, how to carve out time for it, how to get to sleep and stay asleep for the night. Nutrition and it’s enormous stress relieving capacities are mentioned. More details are given in the next two chapter about the food-mood connection, how to shape up your diet for better health and less stress.

7) This Is Your Brain Speaking: Feed Me, I’m Hungry!

This chapter helps you discover how the brain and gut are connected and how the wrong foods can make you moody and depressed and the right foods can make you energized, healthy and improve your coping abilities. You will discover how the brain is dependent upon nutrients, the orthomolecular treatments of mental illnesses, the foundations of a good diet, and a balanced meal: proteins, complex carbohydrates and essential fats along with the good fats, bad fats and ugly fats to avoid. Perfect snacks for the hurried person.

8) Liberated From the Kitchen: To Fast Food Paradise. . .or Hell?

In this chapter you will discover how your diet rates through the Food and Mood Quiz and a quiz about how many ‘natural’ engineered foods do you eat? How brain fog and bad moods can be attributed to poor diet choices is uncovered. You will be shown how to get back to basics and take charge of your food plan for better health. Foods to include in your new healthy eating plan will be outlined as well as those that can go. Also healthy choices in restaurants are offered. Ways to track your food are also included.

9) Time Flies. . .How to Catch It

This chapter examines your pace of life, multi-tasking and whether you are an Adrenaline Junkie – you love the thrill of the ‘rush’ you get from a speedy lifestyle and how addicting it becomes. You’re asked to focus on irrational beliefs about time, overwork and gives you ways to slow down. You’re also given five rescue remedies for computer related stress. It also is a look at goals, what do you need to accomplish? Also a quiz about procrastination and five cleaning strategies for your office! A sample planner for all areas of your life helps you get organized!

10) Relationships: All We Need is Love…and then some

This chapter outlines many aspects of love, various families in today’s world, how to strengthen primary relationships, i.e. being a good listener, spend more time together, having fun, stop overspending, include physical contact and affection. Communication as a way to keep relationships on track is explored. Find out which type of communicator you are – aggressive, passive or assertive.. Explore feelings and know that feelings can change; how to share feelings with others for better relationships.

11) Menopause! A change like no other

This chapter explores hormonal changes through menopause, emotional, sexual and how stress plays a part in how we will be affected by menopause. Women in menopause are often the ‘sandwich generation’, trying to be all things to all people in her lives: aging and sometimes ailing parents, teenage or older children. financial pressures, community involvements along with careers or jobs to hold down. Good nutrition is discussed to keep women strong and empowered at this time, along with reminders about positives in your life. Women are encouraged to appreciate menopause as a time of wise maturity and stability. Learning something new can also be invigorating.

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