Healthy Snacks for Kids

fruit1          Peel a banana and dip it in yogurt roll in crushed brown rice crispies.


2.         Spread celery sticks with peanut butter or almond butter. Top with raisins.

Enjoy your ‘ants on a log’.


3.         Stuff a whole-grain pita pocket or other whole grain bread with ricotta.

cheese and Granny Smith apple slices. Add a dash of cinnamon.


4.         Mix together ready to eat unsulphured dried fruit. Add almonds if desired.


5.         Top plain vanilla yogurt with crunchy granola and sprinkle with

blueberries or blackberries.


6.         Bake or boil a small potato or sweet potato. Top with Swiss, mozzarella or Feta

cheese (or goat cheese). Broil the last 30 seconds of heating. Add salsa if desired.


7.         Make snack kabobs. Put cubes of low-fat cheese and grapes on whole

wheat pretzel sticks or other skewers.


8.         Toast a whole grain waffle and top with plain yogurt and sliced

peaches and a drizzle of maple syrup or agave syrup.


9.         Spread almond or natural peanut butter on apple slices.


10.        Blend 2% milk, or almond milk, frozen strawberries and a banana for 30

seconds. Add flax or chia seeds. For brain boost, add rice protein powder.


11.        Make a mini or ½ sandwich with tuna or egg salad (made with organic

mayonnaise) on a whole grain rye cracker or whole wheat or brown rice



12.        Mix together almond or natural peanut butter and brown rice crispies in a

bowl. Shape into balls.


13.        Heat a cup of home made tomato or vegetable soup. Enjoy with

whole grain crackers.


14.        Toast a whole grain waffle and top with plain yogurt and sunflower seeds.


15.        Make a mini sandwich with tuna or egg salad (organic mayonnaise) using

Wasa or rye crisp crackers or brown rice bun.


16         Toss blueberries or raspberries and chopped walnuts (or other nuts) in

your bowl of oatmeal.