Holistic Nutrition and Natural Stress Remedies for Healthy, Glowing Skin

The skin is our largest organ – it’s comprised of 70% water, 25% protein, 2% fats. To maintain a healthy glow for optimal health and well-being all year round, the skin requires nourishment primarily from what it is comprised of (water, protein, fats).

Generally, your skin is a reflection of what is happening inside. Skin problems mostly originate internally and are associated with many of the organs responsible for filtering toxins – the liver, lungs, intestinal/bowel and kidneys. Also, skin problems can be a reflection of lack of a healthy balance caused by sleep deprivation and chronic stress at work or at home.

Some underlying causes that can cause skin issues include: poor diet, artificial sweeteners, food allergies, hormonal or thyroid issues, blood sugar imbalances, viruses, bacteria, parasites or chemicals, pesticides and excess minerals.

Healthy Skin – The Natural Way…

There’s a lot we can do to keep our skin healthy and radiant. Here’s what I recommend:

For a healthy glow: Probiotics help restore positive bowel flora. Gentle bowel cleanses are helpful and homeopathic remedies can help drain toxins in the body.

For Nutritional Well-Being: Shop for organic fruits and vegetables, proteins, whole grains. Increase fish intake, avoid additives, preservatives, and processed foods. Also, for further nutrition health benefits, reduce caffeine, sugar, alcohol and other high glycemic index foods. Drink more water to cleanse skin.

Nutrition tips for the skin include: Vitamin A, D, C, E, Zinc, B12 and folic acid, selenium, spirulina, chorella and essential fatty acids – ground flax seeds or omega 3 fish oil capsules. Other remedies such as tea tree oil and witch hazel are also helpful. .(Stay away from eating foods that you know are allergens for you.)

Sun exposure: 20 minutes a day is best each day so that your body can make enough Vitamin D for its many functions to prevent disease. Some experts say before and after mid-day sun is best, while others say we need the strong exposure at mid-day to receive enough sun to do its work. The jury is out. During your next check up, you may want to ask your doctor for a 25-hydroxy vitamin D test – the most accurate way to measure how much vitamin D is in your body.

Relaxation Techniques: Chronic stress shows on the face. Reduce stress overload with meditation, deep breathing techniques, exercise and massage. Hydrotherapy helps using saunas to sweat out toxins

Give Yourself a Home Facial: Mix together 4 tbsp. oats, 2 tbsp. ground almonds (unless you’re allergic to oats or almonds!) Grind together in a blender or other mixer/grinder. Mix well to remove lumps. Use 1 x per week.

Product toxicity: Stay away from products with: Ethylene oxide, dioxane, nitrosamines, formaldehyde, acrylamide and DEET.

Warm weather stress-relief tips: Bugs hate peppermint oil, citronella and Idaho tansy.