Meet Rosalie

From Performer to Platform Speaker

Singer, Juno nominated songwriter, performer, humorist, Rosalie Moscoe  brings life and fun to her presentations. Passionate about stress-relief, holistic nutrition and well-being, she brings elements of her former career as a singer/performer to the speaking platform. Both funny and at times poignant, you will find Rosalie telling stories about her life, how walking into poles, too many sick days, and even car accidents (two at the same intersection) led her to change careers. She leads the audience in song about being ‘All Stressed Out’ and may occasionally break into a musical phrase to make a point.

Stress Relief and Boosted Nutrition for Optimum Well-Being

Even with this fun approach, she still avidly promotes stress-relief and boosted nutrition for optimum well-being. She is passionate about delivering professional growth experiences that unlock the dynamic potential of each individual. Though her keynote addresses or seminars Moscoe creates an inspirational and exhilarating learning atmosphere, helping people adapt to the changing world and at the same time, touches their hearts. (Over 800 talks given since 1995.)

Education and Experience

Moscoe is a Health and Wellness Professional, having graduated fromCentennialCollege’s post graduate, Workplace Wellness & Health Promotion Program in 1995. She taught “A Wellness Approach to Stress Management” at the college in 1999. Her quest as a lifelong learner led her to become a Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner – graduating from theCanadianSchoolof Natural Nutrition in 1998 as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She brings the experience of a teacher on stress-relief and a holistic nutritionist to her unique presentations – helping people take charge of their often run-away lives –  in our busy, overcommitted world.

Topics and Speaking Styles

She lets people know the value of taking care of themselves through a healthier life balance and increased nutrition to boost immunity as well as mental health. Her most popular topic: “From Frazzled to Fantastic! Stress-Relief to Combat Burnout”, gives people valuable knowledge, tools and tips to ease burdens in their lives. Also, in her one-of-a-kind nutrition presentation, “Power Foods Create Better Moods” and her extensive experience working one-to-one as a nutritional consultant for patients of a psychiatrist, Moscoe uncovers the connection between food and mood. In her usual fun and dynamic style, she often introduces a nutrition presentation with a song, “I Love My Chocolate”, and follows with a serious quote – Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine.” Moscoe speaks for groups, in-person or through tele-seminars or webinars.

Author, Writer of Articles; Appearances

She is author of’s best selling print and eBook, Frazzled Hurried Woman! Your Stress Relief Guide to Thriving…Not Merely Surviving – nominated for 3 Global eBook Awards and awarded Honorable Mention for the book’s illustrations. She is also author of DVD Video and CD Audio Program, Less Stress: More Success and CD Audio Program, Food & Mood: A Love/Hate Relationship. Moscoe has penned many articles published on her blog, and on, She has been published in Vitality Magazine. been featured in Tonic Magazine, Canadian Living Magazine, Singapore Times, Networking Times, and on internet magazines such as, All About Women, Networking Times,, Self Publishing Experts and was featured on Canada AM, CTV about nutrition and mental health.


Wife, mother and grandmother, Moscoe is a Professional member of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) and NSA, (National Speakers Association) in the U.S. Rosalie is certified by HealthCanadain Workplace Health System, Level One. Also, she holds level one in Fitness Ontario Leadership Program. A cause dear to her heart, Moscoe serves as Vice Chair of the International Schizophrenia Foundation (ISF),, which promotes orthomolecular (therapeutic nutritional) treatments of all mental illness. The ISF has appointed her Chair of the “Mindful” Campaign -a better future for children’s mental health.

Featured in several publications including Canada’s National Post for her work on the frazzled lifestyle, Moscoe’s knowledge, caring and experience make her the perfect mentor for those seeking journeys back to harmonious living. She has appeared on TV shows for interviews such as “Finding Your Bliss”, I’m Every Woman, Vitamin Junkeys, and many radio shows such as740 a.m. radio.

Prior Career Fuels Present One

Prior to her speaking career, Rosalie was a singer/songwriter and performer, first as part of the singing duo “Jim & Rosalie”, then a solo artist, having recorded five children’s albums and was nominated for two Juno (Canadian Music) awards. Through empathy, humor, caring and mutual respect, she brings her wit, energy, passion not only to the speaking platform but also to her Frazzled Hurried Woman! book, ebook, video and CD on Less Stress: More Success! and Food & Mood CD.

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