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Rosalie Moscoe was a magnificent guest on my TV show “Finding Your Bliss”, She was sparkly, fun, and very knowledgeable about nutrition for maximum well-being. Her book, all about de-stressing and relaxing, was a wonderful feel-good boost that our viewers enjoyed. She was a delightful guest and is a lovely person as well.

-Judy Librach, Author/Life Coach/TV Host of Finding Your Bliss

Rosalie presents practical tips for survival in a warm, friendly and highly applicable manner. I look forward to featuring her again.

-Janette Burke, Host, I’m Every Woman! TV

Rosalie’s wealth of knowledge was only superseded by her compassion, approachability, and caring… As a fellow Professional Speaker, I’d recommend Rosalie in a heartbeat.

-Mike DeSousa, Public Speaker & Career Social Media Specialist








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(Quotes by Rosalie throughout article) 










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