Mindful Charity Launch, a Better Future for Children’s Mental Health

Rosalie Moscoe's Speech - Mindful Charity Launch, a Better Future

Mindful Charity Launch,November 15, 2012.

Rosalie Moscoe’s Speech as Chair of Mindful Campaign, www.mindfulcharity.ca Check for more information about the bold campaign.       

It was the summer of 1989. Our son was on a youth tour in the Middle East with his high school friends. Three weeks into the trip we received a startling phone call, the organizer telling us that our son had fainted on the top of a mountain. He had become paranoid and had been taken to hospital. Our son arrived back home in a shocking state.

After a stormy year and another hospitalization, the doctors told us grim tales of what was in store for our son. I began to search for more information, frantic for a better outcome. Fate led me to a book on orthomolecular medicine by Dr. Abram Hoffer, psychiatrist, with a PhD in nutrition, who in the ‘50’s had headed up a team of 30 researchers in Sask. for the treatment of schizophrenia. Eight double blind studies showed the doubling of recovery rates using niacin. The adjunct treatment (often used with medicaton) Dr. Hoffer outlined in his book talked about nutrients specific to the biochemical needs of the patient, an allergen free diet and improved lifestyle. A light was turned on – somehow, it all made perfect sense to me. I was led to the International Schizophrenia Foundation and in turn to professionals that would help our son get well: – Bryn Waern, M.D., Jonathan Prousky, N.D. editor of the Journal Of Orthomoleular Medicine, Ray Pataracchia, N.D. and Dr. James Leonidas, Clinical Psychologist

Thanks to all their help,  my son is in good mental and physical health. I also thank my family, friends and supportive mental health agencies. We can’t do this alone.

I became so interested in this evidence based, orthomolecular treatment, that I left my career as a singer, performer and recording artist for children and returned to school to become a speaker and author on stress-relief – and soon after, a Registered Nutritional Consultant. I have worked with patients of Dr. Bryn Waern, and for the Headache & Pain Relief Centre, preparing and presenting specific food plans. While in a majority of medical circles, nutrition is considered an alternative therapy, tonight, as Chair of the Mindful Campaign, I am here to tell you that nutrition is not an alternative therapy. I have seen first-hand the positive results for not only my son, but also for thousands of other patients. While medication can offer relief from symptoms of ADHD, learning disabilities or other childhood mental illnesses, the side-effects are great – drowsiness, dizziness, weight gain, even increased risk of suicide and addiction. Many children stop interacting with others and have difficulty leading a normal life.

Yes, they may become quieter in class, but at what cost? What is to become of their lives as adults, especially since the medications as the only way to handle symptoms do not get to the root causes of the problem – which is often a deficiency of certain key nutrients, poor diet, food allergies, infections or bowel problems, which need to be uncovered and treated. It’s important and simpler to do something for children with mental illnesses instead of waiting until they are adults to stem mental health problems. That’s why this Mindful campaign is so vital NOW to our children and future generations and to the well-being of families world-wide.

I was lucky to find orthomolecular medicine 22 years ago, but today’s parents still don’t have easy access to resources where they can get accurate information and support.

Yes, today there is more awareness about difficulties of medications and the ill effects for children of fast food and chemicals, in our processed, modern day diet. But the Mindful Campaign can help be the vehicle for collaboration to bring even more awareness and viable treatment options for children through orthomolecular health.

We all want better lives for our children and grandchildren – they are our future. I feel so honoured and pleased to once again to be working for the sake of children through this bold venture offering hope and healing through orthomolecular medicine so that kids can have better lives.

Today there is a gap in the treatment of children’s mental health. Through the Mindful Campaign, we can help fill that gap. I invite you to join us.

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