Power Foods For Better Moods

Power Foods for Better MoodsPower Foods for Better Moods Seminar

One to One and a Half Hour Seminar 

How do your food choices rate? Are you eating white bread, white rice, drinking soda pop but seldom drink water? Is coffee your best friend? Do you feel great after eating a chocolate bar, then an hour later feel stressed, tired and down-in-the-dumps?  Do you think you need the advice of a nutritional consultant or at least more information on healthy eating?

It’s time to make sense of conflicting nutritional information and make better choices!

This seminar is similar to the Food & Mood Keynote address, with more hands-on activities such as self assessment written exercises, open and one-to-one discussion.

Rosalie can help you discover an area of nutrition that is often overlooked – food and the brain! Uncover facts about healthy eating to balance your moods and blood sugar for a happier and more balanced YOU! In this fast food world – a land of plenty, our brains might actually be lacking in nourishment. Information on eating healthy when put into practice can result in welcomed natural stress relief. Rosalie is a registered nutritional consultant in private practice often giving one-to-one consultant to patients of three Toronto medical doctors.

Style of Presentation

Rosalie sets the stage for a serious, yet dramatic and entertaining lecture – either keynote address or seminar. She often opens with her short song, “I Love My Chocolate,” immediately finding common ground with audiences. After this fun introduction (and usually applause), Rosalie delves into a serious quote by Hippocrates, “Let Food Be Thy Medicine!” Attendees are taken on a trip through the world of our mindless eating habits in North America, good mood foods, bad mood foods, and how we have become addicted to fast food. She presents research about the brain and its needs for amino acids, low glycemic index carbohydrates, essential fatty acids – in short, healthy nutrients – a most forgotten subject.

A two minute YouTube Video clip is shown about the impact of healthy foods on behavior and learning at a school that experienced dramatic, positive results for their students once they changed food choices at school.

Audiences Learn:

  • How to create a balanced meal, using a protein, carbohydrate and fat. Audience members complete a form listing the food choices they enjoy eating. This is the starting point.
  • How to prepare these foods so that they are low in sugar and salt, avoid being too high in fat, and most importantly, that they taste good and are satisfying.
  • The dangers of trans fats, how manufacturers process oils – some good, some bad, which products to buy and how to use them.
  • The consequences of sugar, what to eat instead and which nutrient can reduce sugar cravings.
  • How to stock their pantries with upgraded products for vitality.
  • Healthy snacking vs. unhealthy snacking
  • Strategies for Change to positively affect work/life balance

People often get stuck in their eating habits. Rosalie’s passion and easy-to-follow steps toward vitality help them get ‘unstuck’! Personal stories, examples of quick, yet nourishing meals give many  the encouragement they need to get started on their road to well-being.

According to the needs of the client, orthomolecular treatments (adjunct nutritional approach to the treatment of mental illness) are often addressed. These treatments are safe to use with medications. As Vice Chair of the International Schizophrenia Foundation, www.isfmentalhealth.org, an organization that promotes the wide use of orthomolecular medicine as adjunct treatment for all types of mental illness for better outcomes, Rosalie shares her vast knowledge on this subject.

This is a highly informative seminar geared to audiences wanting to improve their diets, their health, and regain their power. As always, Rosalie presents in a light-hearted manner, with compassion and empathy in mind.

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