Nutritionist Pigs out at Super Bowl Party and learns Valuable Lessons

healthy food to serve at superbowl gameWe enjoyed such a delightful time – laughing, watching the mesmerizing, yet disappointing Super Bowl game at a friend’s home. While some people live and breathe football, others like me appreciate the commercials which oft times are quite humorous along with the half-time show’s energetic gyrations of youthful singers. For the most part, the women at our party gathered in the kitchen to catch up with friends and prepare food. What else is new?

The goodies on the coffee table were plentiful – mounds of corn chips, liver pate, a large tray of colorful vegetables with two dips that I contributed. While I usually create my own, being conscientious about what I eat and serve, this time I opted for two store bought options –a plain hummus dip and a yummy-looking, creamed spinach dip. Having tricky digestion, normally I eschew cream filled appetizers with suspicious ingredients; however, I was feeling chipper that night and thought – once in a while can’t hurt….

The table was also heaped with a mouth-watering goat cheese log, layered with olives and sun dried tomatoes. There were several types of crackers and white bread (normally I would not eat) and the crème de la crème – deep fried salami chunks. Yes, you got that right – encrusted with a brown sugar topping! I normally disregard indulgent treats, but somehow my hand kept reaching for more. It went down well at the time.

Dinner included (fatty) corned beef, chicken, double smashed potatoes and two salads – one heaped with mayonnaise. My attractive-looking dish of steamed, green bean almandine drizzled with olive oil was largely ignored. The pinnacle, (for those able to waddle to the table) was the sumptuous desserts featuring a decadent, coconut cream pie and double fudge, chocolate cake. I only devoured a small piece of each – honestly! I was swept up in Food Paradise.

The next day I languished indoors, bloated and nauseated, barely limping from my bed to my computer. I was never too far from the bathroom! I was fortified with ginger, green tea and honey or lemon water. By evening I was mostly recovered and actually felt hungry! No, I was not stricken with the stomach flu. Yes, mistakes are lessons to be learned.

7 Points I learned from Sumptuous Eating

  1. Food can be paradise followed by hell.
  2. The measurement of a little taste of something is often in the eye of the beholder.
  3. My eyes are bigger than my stomach.
  4. Just because a food looks and smells delectable doesn’t mean it’s good for you.
  5. They’re something about self-restraint that’s beneficial.
  6. Don’t count on friends to feed you healthfully – but love them anyway.
  7. Don’t go to a Super Bowl party hungry.

I also discovered that everyone endures human frailties – even me. To forgive oneself and go forward to select more healthful food choices for an enhanced quality of life is the name of the game – even at a Super Bowl party.