Out with the Old, In with the New – Time to Get Organized for an Enriched New Year!

messy-desk1Taking time during the holiday season to get organized can be daunting, and I commiserate with those who dread the very thought of it. However, surely you’re not engaged at holiday parties or activities every day or evening over the break!  For many who don’t fly south or head to cottages, the break can be long. What a great time to clean out the storage cupboard or your basement or even a bathroom drawer!

So many people dread cleaning out junk and yet those household messes lurking at the back of your mind can be dragging you down. It’s much easier to go shopping for holiday bargains or watch movies, but think ahead to the possibility of creating spectacular order. Be brave. Take the plunge and throw away worn and mismatched socks, radios that don’t work along with relics of technology! The self-satisfaction and clear mind that will result will outshine any lurking apprehension. You’ll embrace the New Year with a sense of calm and order.

5 Steps To Create Order and Enhance Your Life

1)      Decide on one task to start The Cleanse. Which mess speaks to you the loudest – the one in your basement, closet, kitchen? Grasp hold of it and tell yourself, “it’s time to get started!” Before you can organize the space – start by throwing out, – yes I said, throwing out what you truly don’t need and don’t wish to hoard any longer. Get those garbage bags and boxes ready to fill – for charity, for family or friends and for the waste bin! Capture the spirit and confiscate your former treasures. Vow not to remain a junk collector!

2)      Do you have old files gathering dust – past the 7 years you’re required to hold them? Beg, borrow or buy a shredder. Each file or stack of papers you shred will evoke excitement, exultation, as your crammed office or den finally looks composed as you banish trash to the heap. Applaud yourself!

3)      Women – ransack that purse. Roll up your sleeves and just clean it out! Results? No more scrambling for lost keys, wallet or lipstick or navigating through a load of used tissues, saved grocery store and shopping receipts. Scourge the contents and start from scratch.  Resolve to relinquish items that are broken or no longer usable. Just thinking about it, you already feel lighter! Men, you can empty your burgeoning wallet of refuse or eliminate forgotten items in your car’s glove compartment!

4)      How many old computers, tangled cords, CD burners, tape recorders (that don’t work) do you own? Either ensure they get repaired – if you still can still integrate them with your current technology, or confiscate them to their new home – the trash heap. Locate places that can recycle your former treasures.

5)      Does your car smell like grubby socks? How many previously used coffee cups are lingering? Does your vehicle look like a target for birds? Do you often apologize about the disheveled state of your car when someone is riding with you?  I promise that you can unearth the time to clean out your car. Not interested? Get a car wash, or for those inspired individuals – have it detailed! You’ll dazzle your friends and colleagues. Denounce lethargy; your self-esteem and self-image will soar.

Now set your thoughts, ideas, dreams and passions into action for a streamlined, exciting New Year!