Organization Strategies for the Junk Collector

Pack Rats Get OrganizedAre you a pack rat? Do you have more than 2 junk drawers? Is your cupboard so jammed with clothing that you now store items under your bed? If you own a jewelry box, is it little more than a tangled web of broken earring, chains and rings that you haven’t worn in years? If so, you may be in need of strategies to get organized!

But it doesn’t stop there. Your kitchen cupboards are so full, that when you open them, something falls out on your head. Your medicine cabinet is jammed full of old prescriptions and half empty bottles of lotions. If this sounds like your home, it’s time for junk collectors to come clean!

Simplify Your Life – One Step at a Time

Hanging on to items for years and years that you never wear or don’t need is counterproductive to your health. It slows down productivity and can make you feel bogged down. You are! The junk you continue to keep (and collect), takes up room in your mind. Even though you may think it doesn’t bother you…it really does. Admit it. You may need to start slowly, because the thought of throwing anything out for a pack rat is horrifying. But you can do it. I know I did. Truly, you’re not throwing out part of yourself, you’re just moving on.

Tips for Pack Rats to Get Organized

  • Pick the one area that bothers you the most; your office, your kitchen, your bedroom closet, your dresser drawers (or your hand bag or purse!)
  • Set aside a short amount of time to start the task of purging, even 15 minutes at a time – perhaps it’s your top drawer in your desk that’s the problem.
  • Make sure you have garbage bags handy. If it’s your dresser drawers you’ve chosen, aim for cleaning out one at a time. To purge the whole dresser in one sitting may become overwhelming and you’re more likely to shut the drawers and forget the whole thing.
  • Start by taking out each item in one drawer. Make 3 piles – one to give to charity or a family member, one pile to keep, one to throw away. Be ruthless. If the item is torn or has a little hole – it’s history. (Will you truly mend that hole in a sock?)
  • If you find this whole task too daunting and you have no place to sit in your home due to junk and papers everywhere – you may need professional help so that you can move forward.

However, even cleaning out one drawer will give you a small, but important sense of renewal and accomplishment. Your stress levels will go down and your sense of self-esteem will go up. It might take you a few months to get through your entire home or office, but you’ll be glad you did. Aah, you can breathe again – well done!