Philosophy for Good Health

Jack Davidson, who along with Alan Fergusson developed Immuno-Care, a plant sterol based supplement which also has antioxidants and a complex amino acid component to their supplement. As they were doing the research, both gentlemen who had personal health issues discovered that by increasing their daily intake of these important nutrients, had an increase in their overall health. This is the philosophy that they live by:
Work/Life Balance Programs by Rosalie Moscoe, Stress Relief Consultant

  • Live one day (and sometimes one minute) at a time. Try to enjoy each day. Leave yesterday’s mistakes where they belong, in yesterday. They are yesterday’s rain showers.
  • Give positive messages to yourself, and particularly to your body. It is probably your best friend, don’t be afraid to give it a hug and say thanks. Think more about sunsets, music, love and laughter.
  • Remember why you are here, where you came from, and where you are going. Remember life is only an interlude.
  • Remember that you are “Perfectly Imperfect”, you came designed that way! So don’t be surprised when you screw up, it’s an opportunity for learning and for growth, for both yourself and any other party involved.
  •  Assign time for prayer/meditation – spend more time listening than asking.
  •  Identify your needs, touch more people and reach out for help. Remember it generally takes more grace to receive than it does to give.
  •  Practice visualizing/imaging on a regular basis.
  •  Banish the word “Should” and replace it with “Could”. Never again let anyone should on you. You steer your own ship.