Rosalie and Kinko Discuss Children’s Mental Health

Children's Mental Health

Join us this Thursday, Sept 19 from 3-3:30PM EST at

Rosalie and Kinko discuss one of the growing illness, children’s mental health, and what we can do for their better future.

Rosalie is author of the Amazon bestselling book, Frazzled Hurried Woman! Your Stress Relief Guide to Thriving…Not Merely Surviving and DVD Video and CD Audio Program, Less Stress: More Success and CD Audio Program, Food & Mood: A Love/Hate Relationship.

A former college instructor, Rosalie taught “A Wellness Approach to Stress Management” at Centennial College in Toronto. She is a Professional member of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) and NSA, (National Speakers Association) in the U.S. Rosalie is certified by Health Canada in Workplace Health System, Level One. A cause dear to her heart, Moscoe serves as Vice Chair of the International Schizophrenia Foundation,, which promotes orthomolecular (therapeutic nutritional) treatments of all mental illness. She also serves as Chair of the ISF’s Mindful Campaign, – a better future for children’s mental health