Simple Relaxation Techniques at Your Desk

Did anyone ever tell you to take a deep breath? Count to ten. Calm down.
If you have a pounding heart, sweaty palms, tense stomach, or fast breathing, aching neck, racing mind, it’s time to take a break. They are signals of stress chemicals surging through your body. You can put a stop to them and protect your health. Stress is said to be responsible for 80% of doctors’ visits.

The goal of relaxation is to release unnecessary muscle tension and quiet the mind and body. Breathing is our natural tension-releaser. We do it every minute of our life.

Focus On Your Breathing
Right now, just notice your breath going in and out through your nose. Be aware how the air goes down into your lungs and out again. Do this for about a minute. Just focusing on your breath is a way of relaxing.

Ten Second Break

Take a slow, deep belly breath. Count to 4 slowly as you inhale and exhale.
Take a second deep belly breath – Close your eyes as you start to inhale.
As you exhale, imagine or feel warmth coming over your body at your head and flowing into your hands and feet. Perhaps you can visualize warm sunshine or a heat lamp over you. Your body starts to feel heavy.
As heaviness and warmth are flowing in, think or repeat the phrase, “I Am Calm.”
Alternatively, you can also think, “I Am” as you breathe in and “Calm” as you breathe out. Open your eyes. Notice if you feel calmer.

Repeat these exercises when you need them as positive effects are cumulative.

Your mind and body will thank you.