Tame Stress Overload with Activities to Suit You!

Each person is a unique being, dependent upon one’s upbringing, values, feelings, likes and dislikes. For some, stress remedies can include playing a game of golf. Just chatting with friends and enjoying the challenges of the game, being out in the sunshine gives ultimate anxiety relief for many. Another person may get so frustrated on a golf course that he/she would feel like throwing their golf club in the lake. Others would rather swim, do yoga or go for a walk. Finding a stress reliever that suits you is key to a healthier life.

What’s Your Perception of Stress?

When I give stress seminars, I often ask the audience, how many people would like to come up to the front and talk about themselves for five minutes. Most appear terrified, as if I had asked them to step off a cliff! While a few with some sparkle in their eyes gingerly shoot their hands up in air, as if thinking, “pick me, pick me!” Your perception of a stress event needs to be recognized and perceptions can change.

Aah….Deep Breathing Techniques

Some people enjoy deep breathing techniques, and I find this type of relaxation a favorite of many, especially when accompanying soothing music is played. Deep breathing immediately stops the stress chemicals, such as cortisol from circulating in the body, or at least slows down the heart beat helping one feel calm. However, some people can’t relax with deep breathing and those individuals may need to run, brisk walk or play a game of squash or tennis before they calm down. This too burns off stress chemicals and exercise is highly recommended to reduce stress.

Make Time for Friends

Taking time talking with friends or close family members can also dispel stress. For both women and men, this simple and enjoyable form of stress relief can be a lifesaver. In the Harvard Nurses Study, it was found that for women, having friends to talk to is beneficial to one’s health and helps one live longer. Also, men who have friends have less heart attacks and enjoy life more.

Drop the Junk Food

This may not seem like a stress reliever to you, however, foods high in refined sugar, white flour products, chemical sweeteners, trans fats, deep fried foods and low protein intake can all be causes or make worse one’s stress levels. Dangerous fast food also reduces energy. Your nerves and brain need proper nutrition. Reach for vegetables, fruit, low fat protein sources such as fish, chicken turkey, lean beef, tofu, eggs, yogurt. Keep fueled with whole grains such as whole oats and brown rice. Make an oil change – switch to pure, cold pressed olive oil, avocados, nuts or olives.

What’s a good stress reliever for you? Finding out can change or save your life.