Stress Relief Remedies for Overcommited Women

(If you are a male, you also can benefit from these natural stress, anxiety relief activities).

Stress Relief Remedies for Overcommited WomenAre you frazzled and overwhelmed and wish to go from fatigue to fantastic? Have you become a walking zombie, burdened by too many responsibilities? Do you feel guilty if you can’t do it all? Or do you feel trapped and depressed? Do not despair. It is possible to achieve natural stress, anxiety relief along with an improved mind and body connection.

Stress in itself is normal, a part of everyday life. However, your experience of stress can cause you to suffer headaches, neck pains, poor digestion or anxiety. Finding ways to manage stress for the hurried woman is crucial to relieve fatigue, moodiness, inability to lose weight, low sex drive, and loss of enjoyment of life. What’s the major contributor to over stress for women? Over commitment.

Want To Change Your Frazzled Life?

For effective ways to manage stress, list all your commitments in a journal: job responsibilities at work, family roles, aging or ailing parents, home responsibilities, community or religious service work, responsibilities for your pets. Was your name on the list? For your own sanity and stress relief, you had better add it! Does your list of commitments make you feel accomplished, energized and challenged? Or do you feel tired and overwhelmed?

Three Steps to Relieve Stress

1. Outline Your Priorities from the list of Commitments, such as family, job, friends, home. For effective stress management, even top priorities can be pared down or some parts delegated. Pick one item you can you drop right now, or in the near future.

2. Ask for Help!

Consider the following: get someone to pick up the kids instead of your always doing it; get the family to help with cleaning up at home. Or hire a cleaning lady. It’s really okay to take a break. Taking a break may include doing something you enjoy. Set aside time each day to relax, unwind or go for a walk. Treat yourself as well as you would treat others (or your pets).

3. Turn off Your Over Nurturer (ON) Button.

While over nurturers are a terrific lot, they often suffer from extreme stress symptoms. Many of you may look after ailing parents, teach Sunday school, as well as do the laundry, drive the kids to music lessons and then put dinner on the table. Hand this person a broom! Remember that the more you show you can do, the more others demand of you. Practice saying NO!

Stress Relief Tip of The Day: Notice when you are rushing and slow your pace; breathe more deeply.

Don’t give up! It is possible to transform from Surviving to Thriving and kiss the frazzled, hurried woman goodbye.