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Anti-anxiety Tips To Help You Stay Calm

Do you sometimes get anxious when you are upset with someone or before a presentation? Do you feel stressed, a lack of control and don’t know how you’ll cope. It’s time for some anti-anxiety steps to calm your mind.

Two stress chemicals adrenaline and cortisol are produced by the adrenal glands in response to stress. Excess stress can cause adrenaline production to decrease and cortisol to increase. Cortisol can be highly toxic to brain cells

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Do Changes Put You Over the Top? 5 Coping Skills to Reduce Stress

Do you thrive on changes in life? Most hate it. Many people eat the same foods every day; take the same route to work or even stay in the same job for 35 years; others change jobs every five years. For many, routine is stability; for others, it’s stagnation. It all depends on your perception!

Some changes in everyday life we can plan. Some we cannot; life happens. Normal life events such as pregnancy, changing

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