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Natural Ways to Beat the 4:00 O’clock Slump

Are you sitting all day, becoming sedentary? Are you eating a lunch with no protein? Are you eating desserts with sugar in them – such as ice cream, a piece of cake or pie? Do you have less than 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night? If so, you may be prone to a 4:00 o’clock slump!

Holistic Steps to Boost Your Energy!

1)     Move your body either early

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Love Your Heart: Let Me Count the Ways

At an average heart rate of 72 beats per minute, your heart can beat 2.6 billion times in an average lifespan! Yet we seldom think about our hearts – our life giving organ. You can look after your heart – in many ways.

Get Moving!

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, to improve the health of your heart, you need to exercise 150 minutes per week – whether you walk, cycle, climb stairs, swim,

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