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Teen Nutrition: Overfed and Undernourished?

Teens need exceptional nutrition – their bodies are still growing and maturing and so are their brains. Poor nutrition can lead to mood swings, especially for teens when hormones are changing (and raging). Too many chemicals, high sugar products plus not enough nutrients in their bodies are a bad combination. Without good nutrition, teens will have acne, weight gain, mood swings, anger or low energy. This will hinder their ability to concentrate on their studies.

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The Best Superfoods for Better Moods and Svelt Waistlines!

Hippocrates who lived around 400 BC was known as the “Father of Western Medicine.” He said: “Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food”. Superfoods have been around since the dawn of time as humans started to make connections between foods that harm and foods that heal.

We just have to look around us at the overweight, sickly population in North America to realize that Hippocrates quote is not being adhered to,

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10 Essential Nutritious Steps to Vitality

For good mood and good health follow these simple nutritious steps for vitality!

The Mediterranean diet is a good start, however, choose a low glycemic index plan as well – (lots of low calorie green vegetables), smaller amount of starches is best.  Limit breads, potatoes, pastas, sweets for blood sugar control and to keep cholesterol levels (triglycerides) low. 

Each meal should have a protein, carbohydrate and fat.


1. Eat three meals

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Vital Information on Eating Healthy For Sugar Addicts

Do you suffer from body tiredness, moodiness, and have headaches? Do you wonder why you can’t lose weight? Do you get “the shakes” or “afternoon low” mid afternoon? It’s time for a healthy eating schedule.


Eating something sweet relieves symptoms for about a half hour and then it’s down in the dumps again! If this sounds like you-you may be a sugar addict. Frazzled food brings frazzled mood. These blood sugar ups and downs

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What To Eat at Holiday Parties to Avoid Empty Calories

The holidays are approaching and at this time of year a healthy eating schedule often goes out the window. However, you don’t particularly want to put on five pounds and feel like a stuffed turkey.

So what kinds of foods can still be part of a healthy eating schedule when invited to those frequent parties?

Memorize the list below or put it in your pocket or purse when going to a party. And remember even

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Does an Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

It seems that the health benefits of the apple – the fruit that Eve used to tempt Adam in the biblical Genesis story of creation, is not to be ignored!

From promoting hair growth to keeping your skin from wrinkling to improving memory, protecting against cardiovascular disease and cancer, it seems this tasty fruit used in Mom’s apple pie is a fantastic addition to the daily diet.

First introduced into North America in the 1600’s

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Quick and Easy Snacks the Whole Family Will Love



  1. Peel a banana and dip it in yogurt roll in crushed brown rice crispies.
  2. Spread celery sticks with peanut butter or almond butter. Top with raisins. Enjoy your ‘ants on a log’.
  3. Stuff a whole-grain pita pocket or other whole grain bread with ricotta cheese and Granny Smith apple slices. Add a dash of cinnamon.
  4. Mix together read to eat unsulphured dried fruit. Add almonds if desired.
  5. Top

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Does Your Diet Rate As Natural Anxiety Medicine? Take the Food and Mood Quiz

Do you experience tiredness after eating, or do you feel anxious a few hours after you’ve skipped lunch? If you also have a high sugar diet, you may need to shore up your facts about healthy eating. See how your food choices rate in this next quiz.

Food & Mood Quiz

Scoring: Give yourself one point for each question you answer YES.         

1) You eat a

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Being worn out and rushed isn’t living; it’s merely surviving…


Does stress regularly impact your quality of life?  

Although many would say that stress is the “new normal” way of living, it should be taken very seriously.

In North America alone, millions of women and men experience “frazzled” stress-like symptoms due to juggling too many roles within family, work and community. For the most part, the frazzled woman is excited by her life, yet there never seems to be enough time to

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A Healthy Breakfast will Combat the “Back to School Blues”

Help Your Child Boost Energy & Mood with a Healthy Breakfast

More than ever, the link between mood, healthy eating and children are being investigated. Healthy nutrients are known to prevent disease, increase energy and boost brain power. However, getting children to adhere to a healthy eating schedule is another matter!

Without a powerful breakfast, children can be listless and subsequently, a morning spent at school can be a wash out. Protein in the morning

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8 Ways to Transform from Surviving To Thriving!
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