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5 Stress Relief Tips For the Holidays

Woman resourcesRushing! Heart is racing! Frantic – frustration at traffic jams. Now we know its holiday time! Time to put natural stress remedies into action even in midst of stress – over commitment, money, time and family pressures. Not only are there simple ways to stop the pounding heart but also you can cope in a healthier fashion by putting into practice methods for ultimate anxiety relief.

Simple Deep Breathing Technique

Right now try this simple

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What To Eat at Holiday Parties to Avoid Empty Calories

The holidays are approaching and at this time of year a healthy eating schedule often goes out the window. However, you don’t particularly want to put on five pounds and feel like a stuffed turkey.

So what kinds of foods can still be part of a healthy eating schedule when invited to those frequent parties?

Memorize the list below or put it in your pocket or purse when going to a party. And remember even

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