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The Toronto Sun, Frazzled Hurried Woman!

My book, Frazzled Hurried Woman! Your Stress Relief Guide to Thriving…Not Merely Surviving is featured in The Toronto Sun!

The Saturday Sun, October 27, 2012

Reassess stress

New book coaches women on handling modern life


Frazzled, hurried … women. Is there any other kind?

And when has stress become the new norm? Who isn’t overextended and overwhelmed lately? Nine-to-five jobs have gone the way of the flip phone, and women in

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Easy Ways to Beat Job Stress and Create a Healthy Workplace

I was recently interviewed by Mark Borkowski, president of Mercantile Merges & Acquisitions Corp. Mark also writes for several business publications – the following article is the result of our conversation about workplace stress that appears in the January issue of the Canadian Business Journal. (see page 64 for the complete article).

Easy Ways to Beat Job Stress and Create a Healthy Workplace

Workplace stress can tear us apart. It plays havoc on

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8 Ways to Transform from Surviving To Thriving!
Embracing Wellness – The Elusive Healthy Balance

Frazzled, Hurried Woman

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