Rosalie Moscoe, RHN, RNCP

Speaker, Consultant, Author

Specializing in Stress Relief and Nutrition


Debbie Wasserman, President, National Council of Jewish Women,Toronto Section

Thank you so much for your inspirational, fun-filled keynote address on ‘The Hurried Woman Transforms!’ We all could relate to the picture of the stressed woman that you presented, and we were anxious to hear your great suggestions on ways to cope. Your talk, coupled with humour and song, kept us entertained while teaching us worthwhile strategies for life. Phones have been ringing off the hook with calls telling us how much the audience enjoyed your presentation.

Susan Baker, B.Sc., RHN, Coordinator, Nutritionists’ Networking Group

Rosalie ignites the room with her passion for Nutrition and Mental Health. She seamlessly combines her knowledge and expertise with personal and professional anecdotes creating a captivating presentation. We thoroughly enjoyed Rosalie’s presentation to our group.

Deborah Heezen, Healthsmart Co-ordinator, Norstan Canada Inc.

Everyone who attended enjoyed your nutritional information session.Your energetic and humorous approach to the presented information made it quite enjoyable as well as easy to follow. Also, the handout materials provided are excellent guides for our employees to follow.

Danny Donota, Principal, St. John the Baptist Catholic School, Hamilton, ON

Rosalie Moscoe made presentations to our students and parent community at St. John the Baptist Catholic Elementary School, April 2011. When she presented to our Grade 1 – 3 students “Healthy Living for Growing Up Strong”, she used Herman, her frog puppet friend and songs to entertain while informing them of the importance of healthy nutrition.

Our Grade 4 – 8 students were given excellent information to guide their food choices and to encourage healthy

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Maria Bates, Wellness Coordinator, Occupational Health & Wellness, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences.

Your presentation was terrific! You really know your stuff! The event was well attended by stakeholders, service providers, frontline healthcare workers, staff and the general public. There was great enthusiasm by our attendees and your presentation received wonderful feedback from the participants. Both my colleague who came with me and I were very impressed by your knowledge on this subject. We shared what we had learned to the others who couldn’t attend. I found it

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