Rosalie Moscoe, RHN, RNCP

Speaker, Consultant, Author

Specializing in Stress Relief and Nutrition


Cheryl Gregory, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers,

I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Rosalie’s performance on her talk of “From Frazzled to Fantastic” at a recent eWomenNetwork event. I was entertained and educated at the same time. Even though her information is related to some pretty serious issues regarding the effects of stress on our health, she presents the information with humour that makes the points memorable. Through personal stories, strategies for boosted well-being (and song), she really gives a lot to her audience.

Jennifer McFarlane B.Sc., R. Kin, CDMP, Return to Work/Wellness Coordinator, Corporate Services, Human Resources Division, City of Peterborough

Rosalie delivered a very entertaining and informative talk as the keynote speaker for our Annual Wellness Day. She is an engaging speaker who shared valuable information about health and wellness through an interactive presentation that included some laughter, a little music and a lot of fun. I feel most of the audience got something positive out of her talk and many are likely to make a positive change in their life. I will definitely keep

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Siobain Moore, Director, Human Resources, Dryden Regional Health Centre

Rosalie brought step-by-step strategies to ease stress and reduce overwhelmed feelings. Her interest, education and teaching experience in the area of Wellness, Health, Nutrition and Stress Relief give her the passion and knowledge that she loves to share. Rosalie’s presentation was fun, interactive and combines music, humour and drama in an entertaining way.

Dawn Eglitis, Controller, Caterpillar Financial Services Limited

Thanks for the stress-reducing seminars. They were presented in a fun, professional and creative manner. Staff developed the ability to put problems and setbacks in the proper perspective. The relaxation techniques were most valuable.

Debbie Wasserman, President, National Council of Jewish Women, Toronto Section

Thank you so much for your inspirational, fun-filled keynote address on ‘The Hurried Woman Transforms!’ We all could relate to the picture of the stressed woman that you presented, and we were anxious to hear your great suggestions on ways to cope. Your talk, coupled with humour and song, kept us entertained while teaching us worthwhile strategies for life. Phones have been ringing off the hook with calls telling us how much the audience enjoyed your presentation.

Donna Carmichael, Administrative Coordinator, Organizational Development, Sunnybrook Campus of Sunnybrook & Women’s College Health Sciences Centre

Thank you for the entertaining and informative seminar, ‘Hurried Person Transforms!’, that you gave for us. The staff really enjoyed your session and overall rated it a 4.5 out of 5.0- which is excellent! It was a good look at a hurried lifestyle that all staff could relate to, and you gave us strategies to help find a work/life balance. I look forward to your next stress relief program later this year.

Donna Carmichael, Administrative Coordinator, Organizational Development, Sunnybrook & Women’s College Health Sciences Centre.

Thanks for the most informative sessions about stress relief. We enjoyed your very positive approach, and you were extremely motivating. We enjoyed your enthusiasm, energy and creativity along with the strategies given. Accompanying materials were welcomed and made for good follow-up.

Terri-Lee Higgins, Executive Director, Hemophilia Ontario

Great presentation style! Great energy and joy in her presentation, appreciated her honesty and transparency. Amazing speaker, helped a lot! Hearing Rosalie’s many experiences and stress in her own life along with the ways she copes, will help me get through my own stress.” – Attendees “I would be happy to use you in future as a speaker and I’m glad I met you.

Ellen B. Ackerman, APC Canada Conference Director

We can’t thank you enough for your commitment and attendance at the special organization luncheon with invited delegates. Also, it was indeed a pleasure to work with you prior to the conference. THANK YOU! for helping to make the 12th annual Administrative Professionals Conference very successful.

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