Rosalie’s On-line Book Launch!

A big THANKS goes out to everyone who supported my online book launch this month – from everyone who purchased the book or Kindle version, to the many generous partners that came together in the name of Frazzled Hurried Woman!  I’m pleased to say that “Frazzled” achieved Amazon bestseller status in my category (#3 position) for several days and sales of the book continue to be steady.

It’s not too late to enter my contest for a nutritional consultation – plus the bonus gifts are still available with purchase – see more info at

I had a wonderful time at the book signing at Chapters/Indigo at Bayview Village and was grateful to see so many familiar faces – plus several new ones who were brave enough to come forward and say they were ready to surrender their frazzled, hurried lifestyle!

Rosalie with Steven Carter, Executive Director of International Schizophrenia
Rosalie addresses the crowd










Signing books at Chapters/Indigo


Acknowledging our frazzled, hurried pace of life is one thing; acting on our findings is quite another.

The following are some of the natural stress remedies that have worked for me.

Three Methods to Combat Stress:

1) Notice when you’re rushing.

Deliberately slow your pace – walking, driving, talking. Let there be spaces in your calendar. Throughout the day, take some deep breaths – all simple, but important health and wellness gestures to show you mean business at reducing your chronic stress.

2) Examine the amount of your commitments

Write them down; is the list unbelievably long? Note which commitments you can defer, reduce, or delete. Did you see your name on your list? If not, add it. Time for you is crucial. Even a walk in the park, calling a friend or getting a massage counts as YOU time. You may need to examine the reasons why you cram every minute full of activities.

3) Must you always excel and at the same time strive to be everything to everybody?

If so, you are likely a perfectionist at heart. Wanting to be perfect is a habit that often starts in childhood. While your own internal value system may push you towards extreme responsibility for others, it may be helpful to prioritize instead of spreading your energies too thin. We all have our breaking points. Make sure yours isn’t looming.

With a few changes concerning your habitual patterns, you’ll soon be journeying from frazzled to fantastic – a much better destination. Enjoy the ride!