The Modern Day Woman’s Lament

The Modern Day Woman’s Lament

 I straddle the precipice between work and home.

The earth shifts beneath me and

Sometimes I think I’ll split in two.

Loving my work, loving my family . . .

It shouldn’t be a conflict, but often it is.

I want so much to be there for others,

For those I love, for myself

But my work draws me, taking on

A life of its own.


And like an addict I can’t quit.

In denial, I take on more.

My back may hurt, my heart may pound

But still I surge forward,

Needing to accomplish, to succeed

With precision and excellence

To make a contribution

That I know a woman is capable of making.


There are days when all I want

Is to feel a cool breeze on my face

Sunlight on my shoulders

To hear children’s laughter

To dance with abandon in the moonlight

Or listen to peaceful or enchanting music

Without guilt.


I accept the fact that a

Happy life is a balanced life.

Yet I still search and long

For that seemingly elusive balance

That can bring with it

A feeling of satisfaction and peace.


So today, I turn my face toward the sunlight

With hope and love for the day

And a sense of fun in my heart.

Like a circus juggler nimble and accurate,

When ultimately one of the balls is dropped…


I gather strength to accept the stark reality

Of that inevitable fumble.

With quiet acceptance and self compassion

I encounter the beauty of that moment

As perfection falls away and joyfulness enters.

 ~ by Rosalie Moscoe

Excerpted from my new book Frazzled Hurried Woman! Your Stress Relief Guide to Thriving…Not Merely Surviving.

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