Tips To Avoid Holiday Shopping Stress

Christmas holiday stress - stressed shopping giftsAre you one of the last-minute shoppers? Do you find yourself traveling great distances to find just the right gift for each person. Do you find yourself exhausted after a day or evening at the shopping mall? The following are a few tips to keep you in tip top shape for the holidays.

Wanting to buy the perfect gift?

Looking for that perfect gift or planning a sensational party?

Know that aiming for perfection can take its toll. Weeks of planning can also bring with it – worry, frustration and exhaustion. Some tips for the perfectionist: consider carefully planned gift cards to suit the people on your list. For the greatest parties, delegate chores, hire a caterer – with wait staff.

Gifts to buy if you’re the hurried person

Don’t leave your shopping to the last day! Make sure you have a list; consider gift cards for some people on your list. Try Starbuck gift cards for your children’s teachers, Future Shop or Best Buy gift cards for a teenager or young adult. People love them – there’ll be no standing in lines to return unwanted merchandise and everyone chooses what they want!

If you start early enough, you can shop on line and save all the hassle of lineups and crowded stores and sore feet. Many online stores offer free shipping and quick delivery.

Food to boost energy

Skip the junk food at the mall and bring along healthy snacks or a sandwich from home. (Use a small cold pack if necessary.) Bring a water bottle with you to keep hydrated. Keep healthy snacks in your bag, in your car, i.e, almonds, an apple, cashews and some dried cranberries, a healthful power bar. Have protein at each meal, vegetables and fruit every day and healthy fats such as olive oil, raw nuts and seeds, avocado, coconut oil.

Look for comfort when shopping.

For women who love high heels or platform shoes – shopping days are the times to leave them at home! You may not look or feel as glamorous or stylish wearing a sturdy walking shoe or jogging shoe, but you’ll be a whole lot more comfortable and get more done! Take off your coat at the mall to avoid getting overheated. Be polite when shopping; count to 10 even if people are rude. They’re likely stressed out; don’t follow suit.

Valet Parking is the best deal in town.

Don’t waste time driving around for a spot (or fighting for one). You’re spending a large chunk on gifts – spend a little on valet parking. It’s all about making life easier for you!  See if the mall you normally visit has a concierge. They may have some good gift ideas.

Take some deep breaths when rushed or overwhelmed

If you feel overwhelmed, stop and take three deep breaths. Take more deep breaths in and out and stay calm; you’ve always gotten the shopping done on time before and have confidence you’ll complete your list in enough time.

Take breaks – have a latte or a tea and chill out for 15 minutes. Or stop for a manicure or polish change; you’ll feel better.

Gift wrapping service

You can take advantage of the gift wrapping services that most shopping malls offer and it’s all done – no shopping for expensive paper, bows and boxes. Save yourself the time and trouble. No one will know that you didn’t wrap it – unless you tell them!