Are You A Type E? Take The Test

How many of you are over achievers, over nurturers – try to be everything to everybody? Women, are you in this category? Men can be too!

Score one point for each Yes you answer to the questions.

  1. I have to do things perfectly
  2. I should be able to accomplish more in a day and still be able to cope
  3. I have to please others and prove myself to everyone
  4. I can’t relax until I finish my work and my chores
  5. I should be everything to everybody


If you answered four or more of the above questions with a YES, you likely are a Type E Personality. Your health may be at stake. Read on to find ways to energize!

So What Can You Do?

Practice saying “NO”, without guilt. Don’t over commit. If you routinely take on others’ problems and responsibilities, learn to disengage gracefully.

Nurture yourself. Instead of continuing in old negative patterns, eat properly; respect your need for sleep, rest and allow quiet time alone to recharge.

If Type E is your style, it’s time to make changes to increase the quality and longevity of your life!

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From Frazzled to Fantastic, Energize with Stress-Relief Coping Skills

On, with Rosalie Moscoe, RHN, RNCP

Are you or your staff living in the hurried lane and find it difficult to slow down?

Are you exhausted and unwell more often than you would like?


If you or members of your organization are over-committed, losing concentration and productivity, this session with Rosalie Moscoe, dynamic, entertainer and stress-buster is for you!

Does your mind race and your body ache?

Constant rushing and living the harried life may lead to:

  • Backaches.
  • Stomach problems.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • Getting one cold or virus after another.

Been there – done that!

I relate. I too was once a walking zombie, burdened by too many commitments – the same as you likely are feeling. I raced against the clock with tasks at home – kids to care for and organize, carried home mounds of work to finish, attended to a sick mother, plus volunteered to help those less fortunate than myself. But soon I began to feel like the one who was less fortunate! Increasingly, I suffered colds, viruses, back problems and intestinal difficulties – then a cancer scare that hurtled me to the top of the heap. But I was determined to spring my way back to robust health and well-being.

Rosalie Moscoe Shoot-051


Your method of presentation was very effective and you were easy to understand. We enjoyed your very positive approach and you were extremely motivating. We enjoyed your enthusiasm, energy and creativity in presenting along with your applicable strategies given. Accompanying materials were welcomed and made for good follow up.

-Sunnybrook & Women’s College Hospital

You Have the Power To Take Back Control!

I invite HR Professionals, hospital and association staff members, and business professionals to join my free recorded webinar From Frazzled to Fantastic! Energize with Stress-Relief Coping Skills.


In this hour-long session you will discover ways to:

  • Make room for sparkling energy.
  • Feel your shoulders drop while you breathe away tension.
  • Apply Over Committing Tips.
  • Offload overwhelm feelings.
  • Discover how to put a smile on your face every day at work, play and home.
  • Tell yourself the truth to create awareness of where you really are now.



This book is wonderful. Every chapter is packed with practical, easy to follow advice for the (overworked) modern woman. Changing your life is hard. Rosalie almost makes it easy, by explaining why change is necessary, and providing numerous simple examples for places to start, and offering sound medical explanations. I’d love to send this book to all my patients.

-Dr. Michael Zitney, MD, D.A.A.P.M.

Increase Staff Morale and Cooperation

More Benefits:

  • No travel time, just login at work or at home at a set time.
  • Informative, fun seminar to help you feel human again!
  • Packed full of enlightening and valuable strategies.
  • Discover how to reflect upon the pace and quality of your inner and outer world.


It was a big success! The most valuable parts of the program were: seeing the effects of simply taking a few deep breaths; the realization of just how stressed we all are; how to recognize the effects of stress; relaxation techniques; developing the ability to put problems/setbacks in their proper perspective.

-Caterpillar Financial Services

If you or your staff have been thinking about how to “de-stress and decompress”, now’s the time to act!

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