Wellness – An Ever Changing State of Being

Toronto nutrition speakerWellness is an active word – not a state you achieve and then thrust aside. The Wellness Movement was founded in the ‘50’s. John Travis, physician and author (and U.S. soccer player) was a key leader in that movement. Wellness is not just pertaining to good physical health; wellness is about acknowledging and accepting your situation in many areasemotional, physical, mental, financial, intellectual, spiritual, social/relationships, with a significant intention of moving forward.

Wellness is about allowing yourself to be positive about your life – which may include providing yourself with positive thoughts or affirmations. According to neuroscientists such as Candice Pert, telling yourself positive messages can stimulate a positive immune response – assisting your health, both in mind and body. The following are a few positive affirmations. Deep breathe as you repeat them. If other thoughts creep into your consciousness that knock down your mood, listen without condemnation and return to positive reflections. You’re welcome to create your own superb affirmations.

Positive Affirmations

  • I’m okay the way I am right now.
  • I have a perfect right to happiness and contentment.
  • I love and accept myself completely as I am.
  • I give myself permission to become a total success.
  • I can relax and let life flow through me.
  • I love and am loved.
  • I am kind and loving and I have a great deal to share with others.

Mississauga nutrition speakerSome of you may have endured put-downs in your lives. Women, children or those who are part of religious or racial minorities often have been victimized. I was fortunate to enjoy a mother who forged ahead in life as she saw fit. Born in 1910, to working-class parents, as a young adult, Doris worked in a job that she loved; she was a crackerjack typist and bookkeeper. My mother also rode a bicycle, played baseball and tennis with gusto! She was a city tennis champ and as a child, I remember viewing my mother’s silver prize cups she proudly kept on display. In those years, others may have been aghast to see a woman taking part in sports, working and enjoying herself, but she was exhilarated and felt proud of her accomplishments.

What do you love to do?

For me, I love to swim, sing, dance and meet with friends. I also enjoy being engaged in my work as a Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner and Speaker to know that I’m serving others in this world – helping both adults and children to achieve better mental and physical well-being. There are times if I’m feeling sad or in a low mood, I call a friend or take my granddaughter to play in the park – then I’m lifted!

Involve yourself in something that you love – don’t wait until ‘later’. Fill your heart with joyfulness NOW. That’s truly what wellness is all about.

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