What To Eat at Holiday Parties to Avoid Empty Calories

The holidays are approaching and at this time of year a healthy eating schedule often goes out the window. However, you don’t particularly want to put on five pounds and feel like a stuffed turkey.

So what kinds of foods can still be part of a healthy eating schedule when invited to those frequent parties?

Memorize the list below or put it in your pocket or purse when going to a party. And remember even gorging on the good stuff can still make you uncomfortable and can cause tiredness after eating.

If none of these following goodies are at the party, eat small amounts of the foods that you feel contain healthy nutrients. You’ll feel better (and stay trim).

Shrimp, not breaded

Chicken satay


Raw Vegetables (fill up on these) – small amount of dip

Grilled vegetables in moderation


White cheese (a couple of pieces)

Whole wheat or rice crackers

Nuts – small amount of almonds, filberts – cashews in moderation

Chick peas

Water with lemon or lime

Orange juice, tomato juice, soda water with lemon

Red wine – in moderation

Limit or Avoid Empty Calories:

Hors d’oeuvres with a pastry coating or batter – i.e. – mushroom puffs, quiche, potato pancakes, little hot dogs in blankets

Potato chips

Salted pretzels, other munchies such as cheesies – (non foods)

Chocolate or shortbread (have one piece of each, only if you can stop at one)

White flour products – crackers, cakes, crepes, cookies (low in nutrients)

Hard drinks

Rationale: Anything fried or battered is fattening and often made with white flour. Also, these foods may be made with a type of oil containing trans fatty acids, that are unhealthy. These treats can cause you to not only feel stuffed but also nauseated. They also do not qualify as foods that reduce cholesterol!

If you must try something, make sure it really tastes good and enjoy it – without guilt. Otherwise, if after the first bite you decide that it’s not worth it, don’t have any more. Don’t waste the calories on something that just tastes fair!

For nutrition health benefits and to avoid overeating, have a small snack before you go to the party such as fruit and nuts, a power bar, vegetable juice or a piece of chicken or cottage cheese and toast, or a half a sandwich. Concentrate on enjoying conversations. Notice when you’re getting full and try not to eat beyond that point. Most of all, enjoy the holidays!